6 Best Cryptos with high potentials in 2023

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and with the passage of time, their use is increasing more and more. As cryptocurrencies are becoming popular, they are attracting many investors and they are also being used in many services despite their inflated prices.

According to experts, the price of cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly. The price increase has been estimated at around 2000 percent and in the next one year, it is expected to rise higher. With this huge demand for cryptocurrencies, people are investing heavily in them but they are looking for some new currencies that might provide them with a better return on investment. These investments will bring good fortune if they choose the right coin.

There are many cryptocurrencies which have been successful in keeping their promises but some others have failed because of their absurd claims and fake promises. In this article, I have decided to write about 6 cryptocurrencies with high potentials this year.

The Top 6 Cryptocurrencies with High Returns in 2023

1. Bitcoin

This is the most popular cryptocurrency and it has a number of advantages. It has a high market capitalization, maintains a good trading volume, easy to understand technology and it is accepted by many e-commerce businesses also. The most important thing which attracts investors towards this cryptocurrency is its limited supply. 

According to reports, only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be produced and with this fixed supply, the price of Bitcoin will increase in the near future. It is therefore seen that before the year 2023, it will be a good time to invest in this cryptocurrency.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. According to surveys, it is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The transactions of Ethereum are more than that of Bitcoin and its market cap is also higher than that of Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency has a lot of potential now and in the coming years. It is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies and it has a lot of features like smart contracts, anonymity etc. which will boost its value in the future.

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3. Aave

This is another cryptocurrency and it was introduced in the year 2017. Till now, it has a good reputation and its value is also increasing gradually. It has a number of features which make it popular among investors. The features include smart contracts, fast transactions and private transactions etc.

Aave is a promising cryptocurrency and in the coming years, it will have an excellent opportunity of achieving success. In the year 2023, Aave can turn into one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Ethereum.

4. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is also a popular cryptocurrency and it is also growing very fast. It has a number of features which are attractive for the investors. Some of its attractive features include side chains, low transaction fees, and platform stability etc.

The cryptocurrency has a good market capitalization, currently, its market cap is $28 billion USD. The entire daily trading volume of the coin is over $1 billion USD and it can be easily traded on many exchanges. So if you think that Cardano will become popular in future then you must invest now to make good profits in the coming years.

5. Ripple (XRP)

This is the fifth cryptocurrency which has a lot of potential and it is also becoming popular among many investors. It has a good market cap with a volume of $34 billion USD. Even the entire daily trading volume is over $2 billion USD and it can be traded on many exchanges at different times.

The cryptocurrency has had an excellent performance in the past and it has become popular among all people who are interested in getting high returns on investment. In the coming years, it will also keep its promise like other cryptocurrencies which have already done so in the past years.

6. Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar Lumens is another popular cryptocurrency which has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. It is worth $4.4 billion USD and it can be easily traded on many exchanges in the international marketplaces.

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It is one of the coins which have a good price for the investors and even its trading price has also increased greatly. The amount of its trading volume has also increased rapidly as well as there are many people who use this cryptocurrency on every day basis in their campaigns.

The good thing about Stellar is that its maximum supply is fixed at just over 111 billion Lumens and it cannot be altered at all. In the coming years, it can also become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among investors and other people will also start investing in this cryptocurrency.


There are many cryptocurrencies with high potentials and you can be assured that they will keep their promises in the year 2022. The right time to invest in these currencies will come soon and it must be done now. There is a good chance of making good profits if you invest early.

Here are some points which you must remember while investing:  Do not invest when the prices are rising because the prices might fall again at any point of time. Always carefully read the whitepaper to understand how the company works, who created it and why its price is increasing rapidly.

After understanding the information, you must do your own research to understand whether it is a good investment or not. If the company has a good reputation then invest in it but if it is not a popular company then you should stay away from it because investing in an unknown company can bring losses for you.

Also, keep an eye on the developments of these cryptocurrencies because if there are any new features or announcements made by them then its price will increase rapidly. This can be the time when you have to invest and make profits in large amounts. This year will prove to be a great time for crypto investors and this trend can continue for many years to come with more and more people getting into cryptocurrency.

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