Best Virtual Business Card Solution 2022

Businesses need to consider the future of their business cards and how they can become more virtual. Virtual business cards are the future, and you’ll be at a disadvantage if your business doesn’t start using them. 

Digital Business Card Reviews: How Does a Digital Business Work? 

Digital business cards can be described as digital versions of paper-based cards. They can be accessed through smartphones or computers and shared electronically with others. They are practical and environmentally friendly, removing the need for paper-based products. 

There are numerous advantages when you use online business cards. They are simple to design and edit, allowing you to alter your card in a flash. You can also track who received your card and at what time. This is beneficial to follow up with your customers. In addition, electronic cards are kept in a central place like a CRM system, ensuring they’re always 


Digital business cards save your contact information within an electronic format, referred to as the Virtual Contact File (VCF). After a scan (QR-based) or tap (NFC-based) or click (URL-based), the digital business card will load a person’s contact details onto the smartphone. The information is then saved to the device with just a couple of clicks. 

Best Digital Business Card For Realtors 

Digital business cards are a great way to stay organized and up-to-date with real estate activities. Using a digital business card lets you keep all of your important information centrally located and easily accessible. 


With Beaconstac, designing digital business cards with their user-friendly and intuitive platform is easy. 

There are a variety of fields you can fill in the information you’ll need to include on your contact details webpage — including contact information, address, website, place of

business, twenty-plus social media hyperlinks, Shopify and Calendly links, along with user’s image and much more. 

In terms of analytics, Beaconstac offers in-depth tracking for your electronic business cards. You can find out the number of times you have viewed your card, unique card views, and the exact location of users who used your account. It is also possible to integrate Google Analytics with this solution to analyze the demographics of your customers and their behavior. 

This option far outperforms other solutions in this list in terms of security. Beaconstac can be described as SOC-2 and GDPR Type 2 compatible and includes an URL-based phishing detection system, SSO authentication, data encryption, and custom domains to ensure your data is secure. 

Each plan offers large-scale creation capabilities. In addition, the solution offers API access and more than 4,000 Integrations (via Zapier, Integromat, and Workato) that allow you to automate the process of creating digital business cards. 

2. HiHello 

HiHello, another well-known digital business card solution, is next on the list. 

When you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to access a user-friendly dashboard. This software allows you to create stunning digital business cards that you can connect to many details, including contact details, social media, PDFs, and many more. 

You can share your digital business card using an email, QR Code, text message, or even a URL. There’s also the option to hide your phone number and choose the HiHello number instead, should you like to share your business card using text. 

You will get basic analytics using this service -the total number of saves and card views and the number of contacts you’ve made. Furthermore, these analytics are only available on their Business and Professional plans. 

3. Knowee 

Knowee’s business card software is extremely simple and allows you to quickly include various data fields for your company card. The service offers a variety of card designs as well as a customized template to create your business card online.

For metrics and analytics, you can check the total number of users, clicks, and views in the Dashboard. This solution uses SSO login and URL masking and lets you verify new card logins to ensure your data is secure. 

Additionally, the software includes CRM email, CRM, and many other customizable options on-demand. 

However, the bulk creation feature is available only for customized Enterprise plans. Additionally, their pricing is high, starting at $4.7/month/user. 

4. Dibiz 

Dibiz will be the following business card maker that is digital on this list. 

This solution can make professional-looking business cards that are electronic. Dibiz’s dashboards, card designs, and UI aren’t as contemporary and user-friendly as you would like. 

This service’s ability to track and analyze data is restricted only to unique visitors, card shares, and the number of clicks to call the number on your business card. The company’s website doesn’t provide any information about security measures or their API and integration capabilities. Additionally, the bulk creation option is available only on the Biz plan. 

Best Virtual Business Card 

The virtual business card is an excellent method to ensure that your contact details are current and well-organized. You can use online tools to make your own virtual business card in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can print a copy of your current business card and use it to create a virtual card for your business. 

Vistaprint provides virtual business cards for no cost and a limited amount of printed cards. Personalizing your cards using your own images and text is possible, and you can also choose to use designed templates. They also offer personalized tags and envelopes. 

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How Do I Make a Virtual Business Card 

A virtual business card is a digital version of a traditional business card. You can create a virtual business card for free using various online tools.

1. Include a Professional Picture and Additional Visuals 

There are a variety of tools available to create digital business cards. And professional images are something they all share. When creating your own business card, create a flawless photo of yourself. You must appear professional, confident, and friendly to anyone who sees your card; however if you can offer your card with more images to draw attention. 

A logo is an excellent alternative, along with slideshows or videos showcasing your business or its achievements. Whatever you decide to use, be sure it’s placed strategically and doesn’t take advantage of the card. 

2. Make Your Name and Job Title Stand Out 

Digital business cards are their name: a digital representation of your business or profession. It must provide information that will entice people and other business professionals. Your name, employer’s name, and job title are in the center of your page. It’s best to make your name larger and bolder than other details so that readers can instantly recognize the person you are. 

Everything must also be readable. One way to do that is not to make your text too large and avoid complex fonts. Choose simple fonts which will make your company card appear professional and clean. 

3. Use Simple Color Schemes 

Avoiding complex features for many aspects of your company card is essential. However, it is also important to think about the colors as well. Remember that the card’s purpose isn’t to impress your customers by its appearance; instead, it emphasizes your business’s details and inspires positive emotions. 

If you pick the design you decide on or use the online color palette generators to get inspiration, determine what you think people should be paying attention to and the effect you would like the card to achieve. 

One of the most important things to remember is to pick not more than two or three shades. For instance, white or light background is ideal to use for text. Choosing more vibrant colors

to make images or specific information stand out, such as headings, projects, or affiliates, is also a good idea. 

Also, think about the effects of various hues and how you can utilize the colors in your favor. The colors orange and red stimulate the mind and are stimulating, while green and blue are calming and inspiring. What are your company’s goals the most? 

4. Add Clear Contact Details 

A clearly defined name and job description are essential. However, you must also ensure that it’s simple for potential clients to contact you. How this information is displayed can help create a clearer picture of who you are and could lead to a good understanding. 

Contact information doesn’t need to be fancy, and it can be written in an easy typeface and include any other essential information. However, you must be clear, and you will be able to fit more features on your business card. 

5. Make Your Website Link Prominent 

If you own a professional domain, do not leave it out when designing your company card. Based on the software you choose to use for creating it and the amount of information, you can fit into various ways to incorporate your website. It could be as simple as a hyperlink accompanied by a short description of the logo, banner, or other graphics. A hyperlink with a distinct button is recommended to make it look more appealing. 

Whatever you do with the button, more people are likely to notice it and click to see what you’ve accomplished. It shouldn’t occupy that many square feet either. 

6. Include Social Media Links 

Like your site, your social media accounts are an excellent supplement to your online business card. You can also include them in the same manner, but one is superior in comparison to the other. 

Although hyperlinks are always an alternative, it’s not the most attractive. Numerous business-card-making platforms have icons and buttons to choose from. These can be put in a handy part of the card, and you can use the remainder for more important data. However, in the final analysis, where each feature is best placed will depend on the kind of business, its objectives, and what you would like viewers to concentrate on.

7. Use Links and Files to Draw Attention to Important Projects You can utilize your business card online to show off your achievements. Pick the most appropriate and appealing sources to share, such as files or websites but don’t use too many. 

It is also important to know the features of each card-designing company. Certain, such as Switchit, permit you to include documents and links, and some allow only web links. If you design, an original business card, think about how you can best showcase your ideas with one or both strategies. 

If you choose to add files, ensure they’re in perfect order. Adding a couple of pages with fascinating and easily accessible data will boost the effectiveness of your card beyond what you can squeeze into its pre-designed space. 

Create a portfolio or a record of achievements and services you have completed in PDF format. If you’ve written and published a professional ebook, include an online link or file that allows people to swiftly get it. Make sure you are creative when demonstrating how you can accomplish your goals. 

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8. Mention Key Affiliates and Reviews 

Make sure to add the names of your coworkers to the business cards you carry. This would let people know that you have the backing of other businesses or professionals. If they’re well-known and well-known, it’s more important to include them in your message. There’s no have to elaborate. 

Simply add their names and links that people can see and click to. You can also align their logos so that your business card has some style. 

It’s a great spot to share positive feedback from customers or affiliates. A few brief quotes should suffice unless your credit card allows digital files or other forms of data, in which case you could present your feedback in its entirety. 

9. Use Clear Calls to Action 

A business card with a digital format can be as effective an advertising tool as a magazine or advertisement. This means you have to include calls to action in your professional information.

For instance, in a section about your ventures, you can ask readers to click a link or button that will take them to your website for your most significant project. In addition, you can point people to your most popular social media sites. 

The goal should be to ensure that the cards are easy to understand and navigate. Insufficient clutter or poorly written writing may turn people off and create a bad impression. 

10. Use Digital Business Card Services With Smart Features In searching for the perfect service to design and build virtual cards, look at what other platforms offer in terms of advanced features and use them. 

As a professional, you’ll need to feel satisfied with how your business card portrays your brand, and the more convenient its digital tools are, the more convenient. 

Look for QR codes, document scanners, email signatures, and other connectivity options. You’ll be able to share your business card with others and accumulate details faster while you can communicate with colleagues or clients more efficiently. A single, high-quality service will help your relationships with customers, workflow, team, and many more. 

Best Virtual Business Cards App

The most popular virtual business card software is simple to use, comes with various templates, and lets users customize their cards in a matter of minutes and with ease. These are the best virtual business card App. 


SnapDat is free through the App Store and an easy-to-use business card digital application. The app allows you to mail SnapDat corporate cards “SnapCards” via email or the application. Create as many commercial cards as you want using this application. It’s simple to use for personal as well as professional reasons. 


There’s a good reason why CamCard is among the most well-known applications for business cards currently available. It’s simple to use since it can read and scan cards in more than 15 languages. It also lets you transfer data from social networks. While it’s

accessible for free the application is priced at $5 per month per user to get the Team subscription and 12 dollars per month per user for the enterprise plan. 


The digital business cards can be accessed through Inigo’s back office and could be shared with your employees using mobile devices. Inigo is compatible with the same Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. The team edition is available for teams, and the standard version costs $5.49 each month, which is payable annually. Alongside the pay edition, it is also a free option available. 


This program creates business cards using digital images and an individual web address. Alongside embedding the Google Map, uploading a personal image, and showing social network icons, eVaunt can also provide these functions. 


There’s no reason not to use this card. That is electronic. Make a digital hub where customers can choose which way they’d like to communicate with you through the system. For instance, you could include a short bio of yourself. You can also have a video of your introduction and every social account you have, all in one place. To get the most out of OneCard’s professional features, users must pay a monthly fee of $12 or $120 per year. 


This electronic business card program, available for Android and iOS, allows you to create documents, save and send your contacts to anyone interested. Personal messages, images, logos, and connections to your site can be all included in the form of a Clinck message. 


Are Digital Business Cards Worth It? 

With the help of digital business cards, you can place your business in the hands of potential customers for just a fraction of the cost. When you cut out printing expenses, you can put money into your products’ style. Smaller companies with small marketing budgets could benefit from this option.

How Can I Create An Electronic Business Card For Free? Canva was explicitly designed for non-designers and is entirely free to use. The tools needed to create your business card are already on your computer and available for utilization. 


Virtual business cards are a great way to keep your information organized and accessible. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve by getting your own virtual business card solution now.

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