Geegpay Review: About Geegpay.Africa

The world is now going digital. This day, many companies across the globe engage the services of many Africans like freelancers and the rest to work for them.

Of this, many people find it very difficult to receive payment after the work they have done for their counterparts staying abroad as a result of some unknown factors.

So, we all know that for us to do work/job is always strenuous and getting our payment from people we have worked for should not be stressful. For this reason, Geegpay was created as a digital financial platform for the Gig Economy.

Geegpay Review: About Geegpay.Africa

Geegpay Africa, founded in the year 2022 with its location in middle town, United States, is a digital financial platform for the gig economy that helps its users in creating USD, GBP, and EUR Accounts as a means of payment for their work.

With Geegpay, you can convert into your local currency at a competitive exchange rate within minutes. And also send, receive and spend money globally using Geegpay virtual and physical cards.

Geegpay lets you generate your monthly/weekly invoices and also helps in the auto-billing of your employer by making use of your settings.

Geegpay is a very secure platform as a standard security protocol helps leverage encryption for transferring data. This encryption helps in creating a well-secured environment for the information that is been transferred by making sure that account data is never stored on one’s device.

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For your transfers to reflect on your virtual account is always between 1 to 2 working days, and that depends on the type of payment method that has been used by the sender.

This USD account can be used on any platform that accepts USD bank accounts. And the converting fee within currency is zero fees. It has a 0.9% charged fee for receiving funds in your virtual bank account and also an additional $1 that is been charged for amounts below


Geegpay supports transfers to more than 50 countries, and conversion and money transfers are always instant and free on Geegpay.

How to Create a Geegpay Account Step-By-Step Guide

Follow the following steps to create a virtual account by Geegpay.

  • Visit www. Geegpay.Africa
  • Set up your profile by filling in your names, Email, password, and referral code, if any.
  •  After that, you will be sent an email notification before you can be able to access Geegpay, and this is accompanied by a 6digit code which you will be required to enter. Fill and submit, and your account has been created for you.
  • When your identification has been verified, you can request a virtual bank account. Verification and identification do not take time. After this, you can now share your account for receiving or sending money.

How to Create a Free Virtual Dollar Card on Geegpay

Follow these steps to create a Virtual Dollar Card On Geegpay.

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To create a virtual dollar card on Geegpay, on your dashboard, after you have login with your details and get your virtual bank account.

  1. Click on create a card
  1. Click on verify your identity
  1. Then, if you have NIN, National ID card, or voters card, you click on proceed.

The next step is selecting your country and the ID type you wish to use. Select and Click continue.

  1. At this juncture, Geegpay would want to access your NIN information by you allowing them to have access to your personal details, your contact information, and then your document information as well- as your access to your camera to take selfies and proof of life images.
  1. You will be asked to upload your ID slip, and once provided, it will be uploaded within minutes. After this, you will see a message welcome to Geegpay.


Geegpay accounts are well worth the time and effort it takes to establish one. Thanks to this program, opening a new report has never been easier, which allows you to go into any participating bank or credit union and select an account immediately.

 You may apply for a new credit card using geegpay in the United States in only a few minutes. It’s even easy if you’re overseas. To avoid missing out on your new account in a matter of minutes, complete your geegpay review immediately

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