How to Make Money from Facebook (Easy Steps)

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. It has about three billion users and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It’s also used by a huge chunk of the world’s population and it’s only getting bigger every day. This means that whatever you decide to produce, there will be some demand for it. There is always money to be made on Facebook, in some form or another.

However, to be successful on Facebook you need the right attitude and a plan. Most of these tips are very simple, but all are crucial to long term success. I strongly believe that anyone with reasonable skills should be able to make a decent amount of money from Facebook. Therefore it’s very important that you have a realistic attitude towards your own abilities and expectations. You might not become the next Zuckerberg, but you could still earn well on the platform, if you work hard at it!

8 Ways to Make Money on Facebook

1. Sell ebook or helpful guide

Ebooks are one of the most common income sources for new Facebook pages. There are a huge number of people buying and selling ebooks on Facebook and it’s a very reliable source of income. Remember, you don’t have to have any writing or editing experience at all, in fact that would be very disadvantageous to you (you’re likely better off having some experience with these things). 

You just need to know what works and what doesn’t work in your chosen niche. Even if you don’t have any experience, this is an incredibly efficient way of making money online. Therefore it’s an excellent way to get yourself started as a newbie on Facebook, with literally no experience at all.

The first step is to choose a niche that you think might be profitable. This is crucial because only certain niches will do well for you. Which niche you choose will determine whether or not your ebook business works out and how much money you make from it. 

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2. Sell digital products through Click Bank

You can also generate revenue from Facebook if you have za Clickbank account. This method involves creating an account with clickbank and then promoting your products on Facebook through ads or viral marketing etc. If you have experience with this method, you can also start creating your own affiliate products and promoting them on Facebook.

3. Invest in Facebook ads

Once you’ve established yourself on Facebook, it’s time to invest in some advertising. This is a crucial stage for anyone looking to make money from Facebook, because ads are a huge part of any business on the site. You need to invest in high quality ads that will bring you lots of customers without costing too much money (this is a very delicate balance). You can also use pop up blockers to prevent accidental clicks on your links. This is a common problem with Facebook advertising. You can also try doing viral marketing through contests or funny videos etc..

4. Sell products on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the latest addition to Facebook’s revenue streams. This is essentially an auction site, where you can list your products and users can bid on them. You’ll get paid through Paypal and it’s a very simple way of making money from Facebook at the moment. Unlike some other methods above, this one doesn’t require any writing or editing experience at all!

5. Offer video lessons or tutorials in your niche area

You should also consider producing video tutorials or lessons through your niche area. This is particularly popular among SEO professionals, because it turns out to be quite lucrative for them (because you will always have demand for that kind of content) but it could be done in most any field of knowledge.

6. Create courses for Udemy or Skillfeed and promote them on Facebook

This is a great way of making money on Facebook if you have any kind of experience with teaching or training people. You can easily create courses on Udemy and then promote them on Facebook. These courses can be very simple and will just include a video or two, but you’ll get paid per sale if people buy them through Facebook. If you have some kind of experience with Udemy, this is a great way to make money from Facebook as you can easily make money without any skills at all.

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7. Create and sell graphics or videos on Fiverr

This is a very simple way of making money from Facebook and it involves creating graphics, gifs, or other kinds of images. These images have to be very high quality, as they’ll be used by people all across the internet, but you can make quite a lot of money with this method. You can also use Fiverr to edit your own products too!

8. Promote blog posts on your Facebook profile

Most bloggers need to generate a lot of traffic and Facebook can be a good source of income if you have built the audience. This just involves promoting blog posts on your page and asking people to “like” your page in order to read them. This is quite a simple way of making money from Facebook and it’s very popular among new bloggers, especially if you’re trying to build up your readership and audience for the long term. You’ll probably also want to consider adding some giveaways as well, because that can help you get more traffic too (meaning more potential customers for your posts).


These are some of the most common ways of making money on Facebook, but remember: you can also just sell products and sell ad space on your page to other businesses. You can also offer a sign up bonus with the free join link. These are some very simple ways that work well and I’d highly recommend them as starting points if you have limited experience in this area.

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