The top 15 Best crypto podcasts to follow in 2022

Blockchain technology is still seen as being in its infancy, and the crypto business is still in a constant state of upheaval, even though bitcoin and other crypto assets are becoming more widely used. It is essential for anyone, especially investors, to stay up to date with news and trends in the business given how quickly the crypto environment is moving.

Fortunately, finding the most recent information is simple today. You can access journal publications, read articles online, sign up for newsletters, view webinars on YouTube, and listen to podcasts.

The most practical approach for many people to stay current on the most recent news on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is to listen to podcasts. The majority of podcasts are available for free download, allowing you to listen to them even when there is no internet connection.

Additionally, you can listen to them as you go about your regular business. Simply put on your headphones to listen to your preferred podcasts while cleaning the home, jogging, or doing anything else you do frequently.

Choosing which podcasts to listen to might be difficult due to the overwhelming number of them available on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

make it simple for laypeople to understand difficult subjects. However, his profound ideas are of great importance to crypto experts. Check out his most recent podcasts to learn more about bitcoin taxation, market outlook, and crypto politics.

Who should I listen to about crypto?

The co-founder of Ethereum and one of the youngest crypto billionaires in the world, Vitalik Buterin, is a great place to start when listening to any crypto influencers. Buterin, who is well-known for his work in Ethereum, has also contributed as a writer and developer to the Bitcoin community.

Additionally, he is a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, another website on our directory. 3.9 million people follow him on Twitter right now, where he is active. He frequently tweets smart commentary regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On the platform, he publishes reviews, articles, and other helpful materials on cryptocurrencies that are especially beneficial for anyone trying to understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchains operate.

What is the best crypto podcast for beginners?

CryptoCasey’s Cryptocurrency for Beginners is a veritable gold mine of knowledge for newcomers to comprehend cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Casey offers funny commentary on current events and simplifies crypto investing so that even non-techies can grasp it. While she simplifies cryptocurrency news for newcomers, Casey also provides a wealth of astute observations that crypto enthusiasts would find useful.

Understanding Web3, tax-free cryptocurrency trading, and comparing equities and cryptocurrencies are some of her most recent podcast episodes’ subjects.

10 best NFT crypto podcasts to listen to right now.

1) The Nifty Show

The Nifty Show is the ideal place to start for anyone interested in non-fungible tokens and digital collectibles. It bills itself as the world’s first NFT podcast. This podcast has now aired more than 100 episodes since it debuted in 2020, and notable NFT pioneers are routinely featured on it.

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Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the hosts of the wildly successful The Bad Crypto Podcast, is leading this weekly investigation of everything NFT, from the Crypto Kitties to NBA Top Shot NFTs.

2. Two Bored Apes

Look no further than Two Bored Apes for a forward-looking perspective on the NFT world. The show is hosted by Jaime and Roy, who is also known as Jaime Musings and Zeneca in the metaverse. On the show, the two friends discuss the best NFT projects and conduct Q&A sessions that NFT newcomers will find interesting.

3. Edges of NFT.

The Edge of NFT podcast is the one to add to your listening list if you want to stay up to date on the newest NFT news (the top 1% anyway), while also learning about the ins and outs of NFTs.

Thanks to how skillfully host Jeff Kelley and Eathan Janney delve deeper into NFT market trends, foretelling which NFTs are here to stay and others whose buzz might eventually fade, Edge of NFT has managed to become one of the top NFT shows.

4) NFT for newbies.

Interested in non-fungible tokens but feeling overloaded by the wealth of available information? You are in good hands with NFTs for Newbies. This podcast, featuring Heather Parady and Rich Cardona, two novices learning about NFTs, will guide you step-by-step through the world of tokens.

Every episode dissects a different facet of the blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency industries. Recent editions of the show provide a simple introduction to ideas like decentralization, smart contracts, and Web 3.0.

5. The Mint Condition: NFT and Digital Collectibles Entertainment.

Mint Condition is a weekly podcast that covers the most recent developments in NFTs and digital collectibles in addition to delving deeply into gaming, digital art, and the metaverse.

This podcast’s interviews with leaders and well-known figures in niche and top NFT initiatives, as well as a close-up look at the objectives and procedures they used to launch their NFTs, are some of its best features.

6) NFT Now.

NFT is already a prominent source for the most recent NFT news, but the team’s podcast is an excellent additional resource. The NFT Now interviews trailblazing NFT artists, collectors, and technologists every Wednesday to discuss the value of NFTs and how newcomers can join this community as well.

7) OnChain Studios

This informative NFT podcast is hosted by Will Weinraub and Steph Sutto and features news, updates, interviews, and conversations about the most recent developments in the blockchain sector.

You’ll be able to listen to luminaries in the NFT community for their distinct perspectives on the future of the technology in addition to them producing outstanding material for the NFT area. The program is also available on YouTube.

8) The First Mint.

In this episode, NFT professionals and enthusiasts join together to deconstruct some significant NFT data and “transform raw numbers into tales” that the NFT community can understand.

This podcast offers a novel viewpoint on blockchain-related news by examining sales, top NFT collections, and NFT marketplaces.

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9. Proof.

Few podcasts can provide as much in-depth coverage as the Proof. Weekly in-depth interviews with key players in the NFT arena, including up-and-coming creators and industry legends, are conducted by renowned Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose.

Proof also discusses founders creating new tools for NFT producers and collectors, the generative art sector, and the NFT gaming/metaverse.

10. Bankless.

Are you searching for the best resource on NFTs, crypto, and Defi? The tool you’ve been looking for is called Bankless. presents Ryan Adams, and Sean David Hoffman and focuses on cryptocurrency and NFT market analysis and investing methods, covering all the elements for both novice and more experienced audiences.

But they also explore other facets of blockchain technology, such as non-fungible tokens. Leading NFT professionals and thought leaders are frequently featured on Bankless. One of the most recent episodes, for instance, features Vitalik Vuterin, the creator of Ethereum, in-depth discussing Bitcoin maximalism.


What is the top-rated crypto app?

Consider Binance if you’re an aggressive trader looking for cryptocurrency software with a ton of low-cost marketplaces. Every day, this well-known trading program handles transactions worth tens of billions of dollars. Over hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs, you will find incredibly tight spreads with just 0.10 percent each slide in commissions.

Can an NFT be a Podcast?

NFTs may be a method to interact with your listeners, provide them with more value, and make money from your podcast. All of this is done by producing original audio and visual assets that you can sell and use as a tool in your neighborhood.

What’s the best NFT crypto?

With the aid of smart contracts and a sizable and devoted NFT community, Ethereum, by far the most widely used cryptocurrency for NFTs, accomplishes what Bitcoin cannot. This blockchain is the greatest option for any artist wishing to make a lot of money because it supports the majority of well-known NFT platforms and NFTs.

Can NFT be a Career?

NFTs have demonstrated great potential in numerous industries thanks to the chance to demonstrate distinct ownership of assets in the crypto ecosystem. A qualified NFT professional has several job prospects as a result of the NFTs’ rising popularity, in addition to many additional benefits.

How can I get a job in NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are currently seeing fast growth in the blockchain industry and have the potential to completely change how digital ownership is represented. However, given that NFT is a brand-new technical intervention, it can be challenging for newcomers to choose the best path for developing a career in this field. You can get advice for NFT career advancement in the discussion that follows.

NFTs are brand-new and offer numerous benefits. Being new, however, sometimes has drawbacks, such as candidates’ skepticism about NFT positions. Is it possible to pursue a long-term career in a field that has only recently come into existence? In any case, there is a lot of hype surrounding NFTs, which is an excellent motivation to put in the work.

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